Directed Studies: Concurrent, Distributed and Cloud Computing

Schedule online course:

  • Course (Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue)
    Wednesday 10:00 - 11:30             Start: Nov 4
  • Tutorial (Martin Kölbl)
    Thursday  8:15 - 9:45                    Start: Nov 12



180 hours, of which 56 hours are spent in class and 124 hours of self study.


Undergraduate level knowledge of programming, algorithms, networks, discrete mathematics and operating systems.


Concurrent, Distributed and Cloud Computing addresses fundamental problems of distributed computing and various levels of abstraction. Cloud computing covers synchronization and resource protection in concurrent programming. Distributed Computing strives to achieve transparency of the distributed nature of systems by defining suitable abstractions, algorithms and middleware semantics. Cloud computing reflects the current trend to relocate distributed computing and storage resources in a fully transparent fashion into the realms of cloud service providers. This course will present foundational algorithms and architectures that have been developed in support of these computing paradigms. It will also address modeling and verification techniques used in the design of concurrent, distributed and cloud computing systems.

Teaching methods

This course takes place as an online course.
Further details on the course will be provided in ILIAS.
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Directed Studies Course. Weekly reading assignments. Presentation and discussion of the assignments in weekly class meetings.

Learning objectives

This course will enable participants to design concurrent, distributed and cloud systems as well as to assess the architectures of existing systems. It will therefore enable them to make adequate decisions in projects aimed at designing and operating these types of systems.

Course literature

  • Marinescu DC. Cloud computing: theory and practice. Second ed. Cambridge, MA: Morgan Kaufmann; 2018. 
  • Ben-Ari, M. Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming. 2nd ed. GB: Addison Wesley - M.U.A; 2015.
  • George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg, and Gordon Blair. 2012. Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (5th ed.). Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, USA. lbs 843/c69(5)

Further literature may be announced during the course.

Record of academic assessment

At least one presentation of a reading assignment. Course project. Final examination.

Target group

BA-Students 4. Semester


This course overlaps with the course "Distributed and Cloud Computing". Thus students who have already attended this course will not receive new credits for the course "Concurrent, Distributed and Cloud Computing".

Offering Suitable for Participants from Other Programs and Subject Areas



ECTS-points: 6

Weekly teaching hours

SWS: 2