Seminar: Formal Methods for Biological Systems

The organizational meeting of the seminar will be held on Monday, April 23. There will be no meeting on Monday, April 16.





Formal Methods describes a large array of techniques designed to reason about properties of computing systems, in particular their correctness. Formal Methdos typically rely on discrete mathematics, logics and automata theory. There is a relatively recent trend that started about 15 years ago to apply these methods of reasoning to biological systems, in particular in systems biology. Examples include the modeling of gene regulatory networks, or the desciption of various types of pathways. The objective of this seminar is to illustrate the application of a large spectrum of Formal Methods to various phenomena of biological systems, and to exemplify the explanatory and predictive potential that formal modeling and analysis have.

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Master-level course. Open to Bachelor-level students.


The course will be taught in English. All course materials will be in English.

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ECTS-points: 4.0