Seminar: Faults and Failures in Safety-critical Systems


  • The first session, 27th of April, is mandatory for every student who wants to give a talk! 



All the materials are available on the ilias webpage of the course. 


Bachelor and Master in Computer Science or Information Engineering standing in terms of Programming and Discrete Mathematics.

Subject Area

Informatik der Systeme / Angewandte Informatik

Contents / Syllabus

The course will be offered in English, but seminar presentations can be given in German, if so desired.

Seminar presentation (appr. 30 mins.) plus seminar report (appr. 10 pages).


SWS: 2
ECTS-points: 4


Topic 1:  “Basic Concepts and Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing”

Topic 2: “Finding and Fixing Faults”

Topic 3:  "Safety analysis in process facilities: Comparison of fault tree and Bayesian network approaches”

Topic 4: “A brief account of runtime verification”

Topic 5: “Error explanation with distance metrics”

Topic 6: “Two-stage neural networks based classifier system for fault diagnosis”
SComputational Intelligence in Fault Diagnosis, Chapter 7, Palade Bocaniala

Topic 7: "Formal methods for safety assessment"
Design and Safety Assessment of Critical Systems, Chapter 3, Bozzano