Our current research is focused around the QuantUM tool. Therefore we have many interesting projects that could be solved in HiWi-Jobs. Students that are willing to participate in this research are always welcome. Feel free to contact us.

On the other hand we are also looking for students that help us in our day-to-day routine, such as improving the homepage, support our teaching and similar things. Feel free to contact us.

Bachelor and Master Projects and Theses

Every Semester we give a presentation containing the topics we offer for bachelor or master projects and theses. If you are interested in doing your project or thesis at our chair, have a look through this presentation and contact us. If you have an interesting project or thesis proposal of your own we are glad to discuss with you if we can supervise it.

Mentor Counseling (Mentorengespräch)

If you want Professor Leue to do your Mentor Counseling (Mentorengespräch), you need the corresponding protocol form for your course of studies, which you can find on the department download page (look under "Mentorengespräch / Mentor Programme").

Additional Informations