BA Seminar: Advanced Topics in Software Engineering


  • The first session, 27th of October, is mandatory for every student who wants to give a talk! 



This seminar introduces into selected specialized areas in Software Engineering. It complements the course in Software Engineering being taught concurrently.

All the materials are available on the ilias webpage of the course. 


Second semester Bachelor in Computer Science or Information Engineering standing in terms of Programming and Discrete Mathematics.

Subject Area

Informatik der Systeme / Angewandte Informatik

Contents / Syllabus

Participants will be enabled to assess advanced software engineering techniques and to employ them correctly in their professional role as software developer, architect or project manager.

The course will be offered in English, but seminar presentations can be given in German, if so desired.

Seminar presentation (appr. 30 mins.) plus seminar report (appr. 10 pages).


SWS: 2
ECTS-points: 4


Topic 1: Project Management
Software Engineering, Chapter 22 + 23, Edited by Ian Sommerville, 10th Edition

Topic 2: DevOps, Continous Delivery
(DevOps: a software architect's perspective)

Topic 3: Service and Aspect-Oriented Software Engineering
Software Engineering, Chapter 18 + 31 (chapter 31 is only digitally available), Edited by Ian Sommerville, 10th Edition

Topic 4: Realtime and Embedded Systems Engineering
Software Engineering, Chapter 20 + 21, Edited by Ian Sommerville, 10th Edition

Topic 5: Dependability Engineering
Software Engineering, Chapter 10 - 12, Edited by Ian Sommerville, 10th Edition

Topic 6: Security Engineering
Software Engineering, Chapter 13 + 14, Edited by Ian Sommerville, 10th Edition